Executive level product & design Change Agent

I help executives envision, communicate, and execute a better future for humanity by integrating design thinking into their company through training, process improvement, and organization development.

I'm skilled in leadership, design thinking, product strategy, product management, governance, new product development, agile development, customer journey management, change management, public speaking, training, facilitation and mentoring.


What I believe:

  1. The qualitative self. In an age of AI, Big Data, and Everywhere computing, it is more important than ever that businesses move beyond focusing on providing products & services to people, but instead, focus on providing the "right" products & services for people. That will require nothing short of a focus on the confluence of values in our global world & ensuring we that we focus on providing the best quality of experiences for humans. Quality begins with values & we'll need to learn how to harmonize with the best of those values (the virtuous of the lot) to the best of our ability. 

  2. Research for inspiration, not truth. Research has become overly focused on truth, finding the perfect product or solution that meets the perfectly understood needs & requirements of the customer. The reality is that life is contextual & striving for perfection is a fallacy. Instead, research should inspire the best in us by showing us the creative potential in the world & the realm of possibility. Perfect research plans with perfect research samples are completely irrelevant & a complete waste of time. 
  3. The earlier, the better. Design should happen as early as possible in the strategic planning process of a business. Design your strategy & test it early with customers before you're bought into it, & then they will be. 
  4. Great ideas require great execution. Innovation is being able to manage the degradation of a great idea. Regardless of what you've dreamed, that dream will transform from ideal to real through compromise & challenges. To ensure that the real is as close as possible to the ideal, you must have a great process with great governance and great people. Every time. 
  5. You're only as good as your worst team. Achieving great results requires great partnerships between teams in a corporation. The destiny of silos is to be burnt down. 
  6. Iterate & participate with the market. Ideas are meant to be shared. The messier, the better. Get them out there with customers, ask them for feedback, & ask them to design it better.
  7. Demystify design. Design has become an overly complicated web of buzzwords, consulting methodologies, various job titles, & endless advice on the most minute of things. Design is not rocket science. It's time we stop treating it that way & provide clarity to the market.
  8. Democratize design. Design is like writing. It's a skill that anyone can master & everyone should. We need to help everyone be a better designer. 

Thought Leadership

2018: What is Human-centered Design? Chief Customer Officer Conference

2018: Panel on dealing with 21st Century Customers - Chief Customer Officer Conference

2014 When EMA met Watson (How Watson and Modernizing Medicine are Transforming Healthcare) - Watson Innovation Day

2011 Harmonious Healthcare - World Usability Day UPA

2011 Introduction to Design Thinking - Smart Healthcare World Asia

2011 Innovation in Healthcare Panel - Smart Healthcare World Asia

2011 People are the Product - Healthcare Experience Design